The Fieldmasta: a fully waterproof turnout rug that’s stood the test of time

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  • Fieldmasta 200g fixed neck turnout


    • Style:
    • Fit:
    • Performance:
    • Value for money:


    • Lightweight, even when wet
    • Effective waterproofing
    • Fits well
    • Doesn’t move
    • Innovative neck design


    • Personal preference for different fastenings



    Price as reviewed:


    Our tester has put the Fieldmasta to the ultimate test, and is as impressed with it this winter as last

    My first impressions of the Fieldmasta were that it was a quality rug, light for a medium weight turnout and very smart and these proved to be correct, although it’s fair to say it’s not looking quite as smart now.

    It proved to fulfil its most important job the first day it was worn, as it was pouring with rain, but not a drop seeped through and over a year later, it’s still fully waterproof. As a bonus, it doesn’t get too heavy, even in pouring rain and when plastered with mud, which has been the case far too many times this winter.

    The fit was generous; the mare pictured wearing it (in size 6’6”) is a big 16.3hh and long. For comparison, she is 6’6” in Premier Equine turnouts but 6’9” in Horseware Amigo.

    The fastenings have survived part of two winters so far; I don’t personally like hind leg straps, but these are detachable so I took one off and used the other as a fillet string. I’m also not keen on the clips for the front fastenings, but there is the option to take the clips off.

    Features of this rug include the “dome” neck, which is designed to prevent mane loss and seems to be effective, and the “articulated” full neck, aimed at reducing pressure points and covering the neck fully. Again, this seems to be effective.

    Overall, it’s a great rug. As said above, it does not get too heavy, even in the heaviest rain, and has never slipped to one side, or moved at all. It seems to be warmer than other 200g rugs I’ve got, although that may be just because it’s newer; and for horses who don’t feel the cold or aren’t fully clipped, it would probably be suitable for the whole winter. It is on the pricey side, but it is of high quality.

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    A pricey rug, but versatile, durable and of a high quality

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