Bucas Celtic Stable Rug: ‘a stable rug that works like a cooler’ 8/10

Bucas Celtic Stable Rug


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Welcome to our group test of stable rugs. All of the rugs have been thoroughly tested on the yard of professional dressage rider and trainer Rob Waine. Find out what he thought below.

Official description

Like a sweat rug, the Bucas Celtic Stable rug can be put on a wet horse to wick away moisture and help dry it faster. To help keep the rug fresh and in good condition it has an anti-bacterial lining and to avoid rubbing around the shoulders, a silk-feel lining is featured for comfort. This rug is available in three different weights; extra (300g insulation), medium (150g) and light (no fill). The test rug was medium.

First impressions

This looked to be a good, hard wearing rug with great fastenings and it fitted well.

Overview of performance

This rug was true to size along the back and fitted perfectly on the average shouldered horse (not a particularly wide horse). I felt that this rug did exactly what it says in the description and for overnight it worked well as a top rug, rather than a base one.

Likes and dislikes

I like all the clips and fastenings plus how hard wearing it is, but it is quite expensive and being a medium weight rug it is not quite as warm as the Horseware one.


A great winter rug to layer with if you are willing to spend the money.