Amigo Vamoose Fly Rug with waterproof panel: review

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  • Amigo Vamoose Fly Rug with waterproof panel


    • Fit:
    • Performance:


    • Keep flies off brilliantly
    • Fits well
    • Inner lining made coat shiny
    • Very light
    • Catches and straps easy to use


    • Dangerously low fillet string
    • Hot, especially on shoulders
    • Waterproofing of limited use

    Price as reviewed:


    Our reviewer like this fly rug overall but the waterproofing was found to have little value in the rain

    My first impression was that it was a very light rug – the mesh is very fine and the whole rug weighs much less than other fly rugs I have used.

    It looked enormous, although it was the same size as my other Horseware rugs, but once I got used to the leg and tummy flaps it seemed to fit pretty well. The catches were quick and easy to use (even my non horsey husband managed to put it on and off unaided!) I particularly liked the lining material which left my horse’s coat lovely and shiny.

    My horse has very high withers but this rug did not rub at all and he now has mane there again – a real plus.

    I was concerned before I started using this rug as it is impregnated with fly repellent and my horse has very sensitive skin, but it caused him no problems at all and it kept the flies off him very well and he stayed contentedly in the field. I Amigo Vamoose Fly Rug fillethave washed it once and it still works well. I had two criticisms of this rug.

    Firstly, the fillet string was very low, and I felt it was so low the horse might get caught on it rolling. I solved this by just removing it and it has stayed in place very well without it. Secondly, whilst the waterproof panel was great for keeping odd showers off, it did make the rug quite hot especially around the shoulder area where the material was overlapped to allow for movement. Also, the waterproofing worked fine for a quick shower but the rug became soaked in a heavy downpour making my horse quite cold and wet.

    Overall it is a great fly rug, but the waterproofing is of limited value.


    A good lightweight fly rug but the waterproofing is of limited value

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