Toggi Firle Ladies Breeches: ‘good in varying temperatures’ 8/10

Toggi Firle Ladies Breeches


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Welcome to our group test of summer lightweight breeches suitable for busy equestrians. All of the items of clothing in this group test have been thoroughly tested by former eventer turned para dressage rider Tamsin Addison. Find out what she thought below.

Official description

The Toggi Firle Ladies Breeches feature stretch side panels at the waist for the ultimate fit, as well as stretch panels at the ankle for comfort and to make them easy to put on and take off. A subtly branded tab adds the finishing touch to this stylish pair of breeches.

First impressions

I liked the color and the material.

Overview of performance

These breeches proved to be not too hot on the hot days and not too cold on the colder days. They also dried pretty fast after getting wet and gave me a lot of movement, but I found the elastic on the waist could get a little loose and they did slip down a little so I needed to wear belt with them.

Likes and dislikes

I liked how versatile they were in terms of the varying temperature of our English weather. But I think they would benefit from having a pocket of sorts somewhere.


I would recommend these to a friend, but would warn them that they may need to wear a belt with them

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