The Equine Listenology Guide, by Elaine Heney

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  • The Equine Listenology Guide

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    The Equine Listenology Guide

    Author: Elaine Heney
    Published: 2021
    Available as paperback, hard cover, Audiobook or Kindle edition

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    About the book

    The Equine Listenology Guide is part of a trilogy that covers essential horsemanship, equine body language and behaviour, groundwork, in-hand exercises and riding lessons to develop softness, connection and collection.


    This guide is a relatable, insightful and practical book filled with a variety of groundwork, behavioural and ridden exercises and scenarios to work on with your own horse. The author carefully picks apart and creates exercises around multiple areas of horsemanship, allowing you to really understand how and why each is important, and offers techniques for you to take home and try out.

    Elaine uses personal experience and stories to put each section of the book into perspective and keep the guide relatable. The way it flits between serious, practical training content and witty stories of her own herd keeps the mood light and makes for easy reading.

    The book came teamed with The Equine Listenology Training Journal (available to purchase separately), which is a handy diary for tracking and recording all aspects of horse ownership and training. I also had The Equine Listenology Workbook, which I found to be another useful tool for further understanding horsemanship and working through and keeping notes from the main guide book.

    As a whole package, the trilogy of books are great for anyone wanting to delve deeper into their horse’s behaviour, keep an in-depth log of day-to-day activities, vet and farrier appointments and training. Plus, you will learn more about how our relationship with horses can be better understood and how that then translates into the ground and ridden work to create a better connection.

    About the author

    Elaine Heney is an Irish horsewoman and film producer – she created the award-winning documentary Listening To The Horse. Her mission is to help horse owners around the world by teaching them to listening to the horse and build great partnerships together, making the world a better place for the horse.

    View now at amazon.co.uk


    Available in a range of mediums, this book offers a wealth of knowledge for any rider to tap into, especially when used as part of the trilogy set.

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