Stable Condition: How to Stay Sane With Horse People in Your Life

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  • Stable Condition: How to Stay Sane With Horse People in Your Life

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    Stable Condition: How to Stay Sane With Horse People in Your Life

    Author: Daniel Skinner
    Published: 2021
    Available as paperback or Kindle edition

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    About the book

    This is the long-awaited second book in the “Skint Dressage Daddy” series, following on from 2018’s From Nags to Numbnuts, which was an Amazon bestseller in both the UK and Australia.


    Are you looking for a horsey book that will make you (or someone you’re buying for) laugh out loud? If so, Stable Condition: How to Stay Sane with horse people in your life is just the book for you.

    This book continues to follow the life of “Skint Dressage Daddy”, who describes his daily struggle living with his horse-obsessed daughter (also known as “Cost Centre Two”) and dedicated horse mum and wife (“Cost Centre One”).

    Each chapter delves into the different aspects of the weird and wonderful world of horses. The author writes it from his perspective – he is someone who has no interest in horses whatsoever, but has found himself surrounded by them and all their clutter – and paying for the luxury of it, too.

    This book was clever, lighthearted and easy to read. It made me laugh out loud on most pages. As I read I could imagine my husband feeling exactly the same way when our daughter is old enough to demand a pony, and all the matchy-matchy madness to go with it.

    Each chapter is summarised with a funny poem and the book concludes with a witty glossary.

    If you are completely horse obsessed and don’t have a sense of humour, this book may not be the one for you. But if you’re looking for a lighthearted feel-good book then look no further – this is definitely worth your time.

    About the author

    Daniel Skinner is known across social media as “Skint Dressage Daddy”. He is the reluctant, primary funding source of a dressage-obsessed teen.


    The perfect gift for the long-suffering non-horsey family member. And a good read for horsey person looking for a laugh.

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