Veredus STS TRC Vento brushing boots: ‘I loved these boots’ 9/10

Veredus STS TRC Vento lightweight brushing boots


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Price as reviewed:

£94 for front boots. Rear boots £68

Welcome to our new group test of brushing boots. All of the boots in this group test have been put through their paces by professional event rider Sam Jennings. Find out what she thought below.

Veredus’ official description

The Veredus STS TRC Vento super lightweight brushing boots feature a pleather shell, anti-shock carbon pad, 3D mesh ducted fabric, microperforated neoprene and double velcro closure – ensuring the very best in protection and comfort. They guarantee double ventilation, are lined with a special man-made fluffy material which is  easy to wash, quick drying, and offers increased durability. The soft wide knit ensures optimum comfort, and helps trapped sand come out more easily, minimising the risk of leg abrasions.

Sam’s first impressions

These boots look very fluffy and comfortable, but was interested to see if the fluff would last. I also thought although they looked good quality, but they are quite expensive.

Overview of performance

I absolutely loved these boots! They washed very well and the fluff looks as good as new, even after a good eight-week testing period. They fitted all my horses very well, didn’t slip, had good protection and looked extremely smart.

Sam’s likes and dislikes

I really liked how the boots made your horse look so smart, plus the fact the fluff didn’t degrade but as they do have fluff I wouldn’t want to use them on very hot days. Although they are expensive, but they are good quality.


If they had the money to spend, I would absolutely recommend these boots to a friend

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