Rhinegold Ripstop Full Length Travel Boots: ‘good protection, but made legs hot’ 7/10

Rhinegold Ripstop Full Length Travel Boots


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£38 for a set of four

Welcome to our group test of travel boots. All of the boots in this group test have been put through their paces by dressage rider Jamie Broom and his wife Georgi, who run a busy livery and training yard near Windsor. Find out what they thought below.

Rhinegold’s official description

Rhinegold Ripstop Full Length Travel Boots are a set of four long travel boots with tough nylon outer, a full fleece living and Velcro fastening for a secure fit. There is an extra strengthened strike pad at heel and the extra wide Velcro straps make for quick and easy use.

The Broom’s first impressions

We like the design of the straps and the boots were very thick and solid.

Overview of performance

These boots offer great protection in all the key areas, but are very thick and made my horses legs sweat on not a particularly hot day. Apart from that they were hard to fault and the straps worked really well.

The Broom’s likes and dislikes

While I liked how protective these boots were, but I disliked how hot the horses’ legs got while wearing them.


These boots are good value for money, but don’t keep the horses’ legs cool