Majyk Equipe Color Elite X Country Boots: ‘Flexible and fitted well’ 6/10

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  • Majyk Equipe Color Elite X Country Boots


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    Majyk Equipe

    Price as reviewed:

    £80.95 for front pair; £95.95 hind pair

    Welcome to our independent group test of cross-county boots. All of the boots in this group test have been put through their paces by professional event rider Sam Jennings and her team. Find out what they thought below.

    Official description

    The Majyk Equipe Color Elite X Country Boots for front legs have an ARTi-LAGE barrier at the front to protect the canon bone from bruising and a Flexible  Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) shield in the back of the boot to protect the rear of the leg from potential damage caused by an overreach. The hind boots have a double barrier shield of ARTi-LAGE and Flexible TPU in front of the boot, providing unsurpassed protection for the canon bone.

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    First impressions

    These boots felt quite heavy in my hand and I wasn’t a fan of their appearance as I prefer a more simple design.

    Overview of performance

    These boots proved to be flexible on the horses’ legs, were true to size and fitted well. They did protect all the vital areas of my horse’s legs, but they did absorb water and got heavy. They were not particularly breathable.

    Likes and dislikes

    I really liked how flexible they are and that the lining didn’t rub at all. I think some of the other boots offered more protection and I dislike how much they absorbed and retained water.


    Overall, I thought they were quite expensive and I wouldn’t choose them myself.

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