Record entries for Grand National

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  • The 2003 Martell Cognac Grand National (5 April) has a record initial entry of 149 horses, five more than for last year’s race at this early stage.

    This year the world famous Aintree steeplechase carries prize money of £600,000, an increase of £100,000 on 2002.

    Three former winners are included – Bindaree (2002), Red Marauder(2001) and Papillon (2000) – with last year’s second, third and fourth-placed horses, respectively What’s Up Boys, Blowing Wind and Kingsmark, also entered.

    Other notable names in the top class entry include the Pertemps King George VI Chase winners Florida Pearl, one of 34 Irish-trained entries, and First Gold, who heads seven entries trained in France.

    Champion UK trainer Martin Pipe, who won the 1994 race with Miinnehoma, accounts for 19 of this year’s 149 entries and there is one entry from Norway, the Rune Haugen-trained Trinitro, who hopefully will improve on his first fence fall in 2000.

    Charles Barnett, Aintree’s managing director, said: “We are thrilled to have another record entry for the Martell Cognac Grand National and the quality of the horses competing continues to rise.

    “When the weights are announced on Tuesday, 4 February it will be fascinating to see what the British Horseracing Board’s senior National Hunt handicapper Phil Smith has done.”

    The Martell Cognac Grand National Entries

    Horse Age Trainer
    ACKZO 10 Ginger McCain
    AD HOC (IRE) 9 Paul Nicholls
    AKARUS (FR) 8 Martin Pipe
    AMBERLEIGH HOUSE (IRE) 11 Ginger McCain
    ARDENT SCOUT 11 Sue Smith
    BALLINCLAY KING (IRE) 9 Ferdy Murphy
    BALLYAMBER (IRE) 8 Willie Mullins IRE
    BALLYBOUGH RASHER (IRE) 8 Howard Johnson
    BARRYSCOURT LAD (IRE) 9 Martin Pipe
    BATMAN SENORA (FR) 7 Ian Williams
    BE MY MANAGER (IRE) 8 Henrietta Knight
    BEHRAJAN (IRE) 8 Henry Daly
    BERLIN BLUE 10 Peter Robert Stronge
    BILLY THE SNAKE (IRE) 10 Pat Hughes IRE
    BINDAREE (IRE) 9 Nigel Twiston-Davies
    BLOWING WIND (FR) 10 Martin Pipe
    BOBBY GRANT 12 Peter Beaumont
    BOUNCE BACK (USA) 7 Martin Pipe
    BRAMBLEHILL DUKE (IRE) 11 Venetia Williams
    BURLU (FR) 9 Martin Pipe
    CARBURY CROSS (IRE) 9 Jonjo O’Neill
    CARRYONHARRY(IRE) 9 Martin Pipe
    CEANANNAS MOR (IRE) 9 Nicky Henderson
    CHERGAN (IRE) 10 Sue Bradburne
    CHIVES (IRE) 8 Henrietta Knight
    CIMARRONE COVE (IRE) 8 Nicky Henderson
    CREGG HOUSE (IRE) 8 Paddy Mullins IRE
    CYFOR MALTA (FR) 10 Martin Pipe
    DARK STRANGER (FR) 12 Martin Pipe
    DAVIDS LAD (IRE) 9 Tony Martin IRE
    DELGANY ROYAL (IRE) 11 Dessie Hughes IRE
    DJEDDAH (FR) 12 Francois Doumen FR
    EMPEREUR RIVER (FR) 11 Jacques Ortet FR
    EXIT SWINGER (FR) 8 Martin Pipe
    FADALKO (FR) 10 Paul Nicholls
    FATEHALKHAIR (IRE) 11 Brian Ellison
    FIRST GOLD (FR) 10 Francois Doumen FR
    FLORIDA PEARL (IRE) 11 Willie Mullins IRE
    FOLLY ROAD (IRE) 13 Dai Williams
    FOXCHAPEL KING (IRE) 10 Mouse Morris IRE
    FRANTIC TAN (IRE) 11 Denis Caro
    GAILOORN DE MEE (FR) 9 Yannick Fertillet FR
    GINGEMBRE (FR) 9 Lavinia Taylor
    GO ROGER GO (IRE) 11 Edward O’Grady IRE
    GOGUENARD (FR) 9 Sue Smith
    GOOD SHUIL (IRE) 8 Tom Taaffe IRE
    GRANIT D’ESTRUVAL (FR) 9 Ferdy Murphy
    GUNNER WELBURN 11 Andrew Balding
    GUNTHER MCBRIDE (IRE) 8 Philip Hobbs
    HALEXY (FR) 8 Venetia Williams
    HANDYMAN (IRE) 9 Philip Hobbs
    HEDGEHUNTER (IRE) 7 Willie Mullins IRE
    HERMES III (FR) 8 Nicky Henderson
    HISTORG (FR) 8 Ferdy Murphy
    HUSSARD COLLONGES (FR) 8 Peter Beaumont
    INN AT THE TOP 11 Jim Turner
    IRIS BLEU (FR) 7 Martin Pipe
    IT’S HIMSELF 11 Tony Martin IRE
    JAYBEJAY (NZ) 8 Martin Pipe
    JOLLY GREEN GIANT (IRE) 10 Paul Webber
    JURANCON II (FR) 6 Martin Pipe
    KAKI CRAZY (FR) 8 Martin Pipe
    KAPATCHI (FR) 12 Yannick Fertillet FR
    KATARINO (FR) 8 Nicky Henderson
    KILLUSTY (IRE) 9 Charles Egerton
    KINGS MISTRAL (IRE) 10 Patrick Chamings
    KINGSMARK (IRE) 10 Martin Todhunter
    KIRMAR (IRE) 9 Pat Fahy IRE
    KIT SMARTIE (IRE) 11 Donald Forster
    LAMBRINI GOLD 9 Ginger McCain
    LANMIRE TOWER (IRE) 9 Alan King
    LOGICIAN (NZ) 12 Andrew Balding
    LORD JACK (IRE) 7 Nicky Richards
    MACS GILDORAN 9 Willie Mullins IRE
    MAJED (FR) 7 Martin Pipe
    MANTLES PRINCE 9 Alan Juckes
    MARLBOROUGH (IRE) 11 Nicky Henderson
    MAXIMIZE (IRE) 9 Henrietta Knight
    MELY MOSS (FR) 12 Charles Egerton
    MINI SENSATION (IRE) 10 Jonjo O’Neill
    MODULOR (FR) 11 Yannick Fertillet FR
    MONTIFAULT (FR) 8 Paul Nicholls
    MONTY’S PASS (IRE) 10 Jimmy Mangan IRE
    MORAL SUPPORT (IRE) 11 Stan Moore
    MORE THAN A STROLL (IRE) 11 Arthur Moore IRE
    MOTHERS HELP 8 Dai Williams
    MR BOSSMAN (IRE) 10 Norman Mason
    MURT’S MAN (IRE) 9 Paul Nicholls
    NIKI DEE (IRE) 13 Peter Beaumont
    NORTHERN SOUND (IRE) 10 Paul Roche IRE
    PALADIN (FR) 8 Jacques Ortet FR
    PAPILLON (IRE) 12 Ted Walsh IRE
    PARIS PIKE (IRE) 11 Ferdy Murphy
    PESSIMISTIC DICK 10 Hughie Morrison
    POLAR CHAMP 10 Martin Pipe
    PRANCING BLADE 10 Nigel Twiston-Davies
    PRECIOUS MUSIC (IRE) 10 GerardFarrell IRE
    QUALITY FIRST (IRE) 10 Heather Dalton
    RATHBAWN PRINCE (IRE) 11 Dessie Hughes IRE
    RED ARK 10 Norman Mason
    RED MARAUDER 13 Norman Mason
    RED STRIKER 9 Norman Mason
    RINCE RI (IRE) 10 Ted Walsh IRE
    RITH DUBH (IRE) 11 Jonjo O’Neill
    ROBBO 9 Mary Reveley
    ROBERTY BOB (IRE) 8 Henry Daly
    ROYAL PREDICA (FR) 9 Martin Pipe
    SAD MAD BAD (USA) 9 Mary Reveley
    SCOTIA NOSTRA (IRE) 11 Venetia Williams
    SCOTMAIL BOY (IRE) 10 Howard Johnson
    SCRAHAN CROSS (IRE) 10 Jonjo O’Neill
    SHANNON GALE (IRE) 11 Christy Roche IRE
    SHELTERING (IRE) 11 Edward O’Grady IRE
    SHOTGUN WILLY (IRE) 9 Paul Nicholls
    SIBERIAN GALE (IRE) 11 Jonjo O’Neill
    SIGMA DOTCOMM (IRE) 7 Noel Meade IRE
    SILVER STEEL 8 Christy Roche IRE
    SIR FROSTY 10 John Ryall
    SKYCAB (IRE) 11 Josh Gifford
    SMARTY (IRE) 10 Mark Pitman
    SOUTHERN STAR (IRE) 8 Henrietta Knight
    STORM DAMAGE (IRE) 11 Paul Nicholls
    STORM OF GOLD (IRE) 10 Dai Williams
    STORMEZ (FR) 6 Martin Pipe
    STORMYFAIRWEATHER (IRE) 11 Nicky Henderson
    SUPREME GLORY (IRE) 10 Pat Murphy
    TAKAGI (IRE) 8 Edward O’Grady IRE
    TAKE CONTROL (IRE) 9 Martin Pipe
    THE BAJAN BANDIT (IRE) 8 Len Lungo
    TIMBERA (IRE) 9 Dessie Hughes IRE
    TOM’S PRIZE 8 John Spearing
    TORDUFF EXPRESS (IRE) 12 Paul Nicholls
    TREMALLT (IRE) 12 Tom George
    TRINITRO 12 Rune Haugen NOR
    TUESDAY (IRE) 8 Willie Mullins IRE
    WHAT’S UP BOYS (IRE) 9 Philip Hobbs
    WHEREAREYOUNOW (IRE) 6 Nigel Twiston-Davies
    WHITENZO (FR) 7 Paul Nicholls
    WONDER WEASEL (IRE) 10 Kim Bailey
    YOU’RE AGOODUN 11 Martin Pipe
    ZAFARABAD (IRE) 9 Philip Hobbs

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