Horse & Hound Ask the Trainer: Summer 2014

  • Searching for training help from some of this country’s top riders?  Look no further than the latest edition of Horse & Hound Ask the Trainer magazine, out now. Packed full of advice and tips from over 70 experts, including Yogi Breisner, Louise Bell, Francis Whittington, Ben Maher and Tina Fletcher.

    There’s also advice on how to get the best scores, new thinking on perfecting your position and how to make the most of grids.

    What’s in Horse & Hound Ask the Trainer magazine: Summer 2014

    • Moving up a tempo: Francis Whittington, Trevor Breen and Kirsty Mepham help overcome your plateaus
    • The ones to watch: William Fox-Pitt: Learm to stay stylish across country
    • Exercise 1: Ben Maher on…:How to win against the clock
    • No back, no movement: Strengthen your horse’s back and topline
    • Don’t throw away the points: Isobel Wessels helps to improve your marks
    • Before the bell rings: The latest supplements for dressage horses
    • The ones to watch: Roger Yves Bost: Renowned for his pedal-to-the-metal riding, Roger says a classic style isn’t everything
    • Trainer tips: Sharon Brooks: Preparing your freestyle
    • Showing classes: Hack, riding horse or hunter?
    • Exercise 2: J-P Sheffield: How to build up your horse’s strength
    • Training with Yogi Breisner: Get the max out of your schooling sessions
    • On your marks: Supplements to give your eventer a boost
    • Q&A showjumping: 10 jumping questions answered
    • Catching the hunting bug: How hunting can help your horse’s training
    • Exercise 3: Lucy Thompson on…: Showjumping at intermediate level
    • The ones to watch: Sophie Wells: How to ride a simple change for a 10
    • Go for grids: Use grids as a great education tool
    • Ready for action: The right supplements for your showjumper
    • Trainer tips: Simone Ward: How to swap jumping for dressage
    • I couldn’t live without…: Find out what kit top riders use
    • Q&A teaching a young horse to jump: Tina Fletcher advises on jumping youngsters
    • Training with Louise Bell: Top tips from showing guru Louise
    • Trainer tips: John Chubb: Maximise your dressage scores
    • Q&A eventing: 10 cross-country questions answered
    • Dressage to music rocks: Find out how to get involved in freestyle
    • Trainer tips: Dan Greenwood: How to deal with spooky horses
    • Not Ronseal: Are lungeing aids all they’re made out to be?
    • How to warm up: Former European champion Rachel Bayliss gives us her tips
    • Exercise 4: Nikki Crisp on…: Moving up from novice to elementary
    • Q&A dressage: 10 dressage questions answered
    • How position impacts performance: Dressage rider Charlotte Lassetter and physiotherapist Clare Howard join forces
    • 10 tips on getting your timing right: Experts tips on achieving the optimum time across country

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