What’s new: the Hay Bar

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  • The Hay Bar from Park Feeders Limited is a simple solution to a long-standing feeding problem. Most horse owners realise that feeding hay or haylage on the floor is the most natural way for their horses to eat. However, this is not terribly practical as it creates unnecessary wastage.

    The Hay Bar is a curved feeder, made from high density Polyethylene with a reinforced top edge. It is designed to be located in the corner of the stable and prevents the loose hay or haylage from mixing with the bedding. The feeder has no sharp edges for the horse to injury itself on and can be fixed in place with basic DIY knowledge.

    The Hay Bar is simple for owners of all ages to use and removes the problems associated with tying up heavy haynets, as well as eliminating concerns about animals get their legs caught in empty nets over night. It can be positioned either flush with the floor, or with a small gap below to allow wet hay to drain and make cleaning easier.

    Dentists widely welcome feeding forage from the floor as it helps encourage correct jaw alignment and the natural wear of the horse’s teeth. Vets also support feeding hay from the ground as it encourages natural draining of fluid from the horse’s airway.

    The Hay Bar also encourages the horse to maintain good natural posture, stretching the muscles across its back and upper neck while eating, and discouraging the unwelcome development of the lower neck muscles.

    The feeder is suitable for use by equines of around 14hh upwards, although a smaller Hay Bar for ponies will be available early next year.

    The Hay Bar is available in black and costs under £50 plus carriage. For more details contact (tel: 01723 882434) or visit: www.haybar.co.uk

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