What’s new: Equilibria 500

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  • Gro-Well feeds have spent the last 18 months building on 33 years of nutritional and manufacturing experience to develop an all-round solution to feeding hard-food, Equilibria 500, which replaces the popular Equilibria, offering up to 500% more nutrients.

    The same nutricine technology has been applied to Equilibra 500 as are in all of Gro-Well’s products, they have invested in securing the sole rights to a number of key products including Oatinol, which supplies a number of health benefits.

    Equilibra™ 500 has a variety of benefits for all horses and ponies, which include:
    In Breeding: animals, feeding Equilibria 500 can maintain fertility, ensure quality milk production, improve the strength and vigour of foals, maintain good body condition on mares after foaling and on stallions during the covering season.

    Performance Horses have sustained endurance and stamina, strength without lack of control, endurance without tying up and energy without heat. Equilibria 500 ensures excellent muscle tone and aids fast respiratory and cardiovascular recovery rates. It also helps retain appetite throughout competition periods.

    In Family ponies and Riding Club ponies and horses, the simplicity of using Equilibria 500 makes it a perfect, non-heating solution for horses and ponies in light work out at grass.

    It will be the first of its type to product the feed balancer in 2mm pellets rather than 3mm, which not only improves the quality of the pellet but speeds up delivery to the horse through a higher surface area ratio

    RRP £21.99 for a 16kg bag. For more information contact (08700) 606670 or visit www.gro-wellfeeds.com

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