New Per4mance Booster energy supplement from Equimins

Equimins has introduced a new supplement — Per4mance Booster.

The supplement is aimed at providing an energy boost to eventers, showjumpers, racers, hunters and any other horse that might need extra energy.

“Per4mance has been created to give that extra boost of energy when required using purely natural ingredients,” said David Willey, from Equimins.

“Per4mance uses a powerful blend of honey, glucose and ginseng. The ginseng helps to ensure that the horse’s mind responds as quickly as his body, so the horse gets a complete boost.”

Per4mance Booster comes in 1, 2.5 and 5 litre bottles. A litre bottle lasts for 20 servings and costs £11.25.

For more information visit: www.equimins.com

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