New Magnacalm horse lick launched by Rockies

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  • A new magnesium-based lick has been launched by mineralised salt lick company Rockies.

    Rockies, which is best known for its salt and trace element licks, has now produced Magnacalm.

    Magnacalm combines purified Cheshire salt with a palatable, form of magnesium and cerelose dextrose to create a sweet taste and ensure consistent intakes, even in horses who are not keen on salt.

    Magnesium deficiency has been linked to hypertension, which can contribute to nervous and behavioural problems.

    “Magnacalm is our latest product,” said Jeremy Sample from Rockies.

    “Its name is derived from its magnesium content and the evidence of its calming effect on horses and ponies.

    “An awful lot of work has gone into this product and we’ve worked hard to create something that is palatable, effective, taken in a free access manner and on a daily basis due to the horse’s inability to store magnesium for future use.”

    Magnacalm is available in 1.8 kg licks and costs £4.99.

    For more information visit: www.rockies.co.uk

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