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  • Bettina Hoy finished second at the Toto Lotto Luhmühlen CCI**** in June 2006 on Ringwood Cockatoo. She did so using a mesh pad under her horse’s saddlepad. So is this an essential piece of kit for eventers?

    What is it?

    THE pad used by Bettina is the Internet non-slip mesh pad by New Equine Wear (NEW).

    According to a spokesperson for Bettina, she uses these slip pads on all her horses, not only to prevent the saddle from slipping, but also to help keep the horse cooler and reduce the occurrence of heat rashes and rubbing.

    The pads are made from a lightweight breathable mesh that can be cut to shape.

    Who else uses them?

    SLIP pads are commonly used in racing, under the weightcloths, because the lightweight saddles used are prone to slipping backwards.

    Where do I buy them?

    The NEW Internet non-slip mesh pad costs around £7.

    Contact (tel: 01666 501960) www.newequinewear.co.uk

    Other brands and styles of slip pads are available — please contact your local tackshop for more details.

    This Q&A was first published in Horse & Hound (17 August, ’06)

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