Global Herbs launches new supplement for horses

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  • A new plant-based supplement has been launched to promote vitality and fitness in horses.

    Vitamin-C” from Global Herbs is a source of phytochemical similar to ascorbic acid — a naturally occurring compound with antioxidant properties.

    The supplement contains Indian gooseberry, which has naturally occurring chemicals with an almost identical effect to Vitamin C.

    “The way to use this formula is as a general daily tonic to help keep your horse in the best shape,” said a spokesman from Global Herbs.

    “Some tests suggest that excitable horses, who are over-stressed, may cease to produce any ascorbic acid themselves.

    “Research has shown that they may benefit from daily supplies of ascorbic acid, which appears to replace normal supplies.”

    Vitamin-C costs £19.95 for 1kg.

    For more information visit www.globalherbs.co.uk

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