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    Q: Having struggled with traditional fastenings on bridles for years, I understand there is a new bridle on the market with simple “lock” fastenings. Can you tell me the name of the bridle and where I can get one?
    CU, Fife

    The Smart-Lock bridle from LS Sales (Farnam) incorporates a revolutionary new fastener adapted from the aviation industry. The system has no billet hook fasteners; instead, a stainless steel pin clicks into a rivet hole to hold the reins and cheeks securely to the bit.

    The system allows quick changing of bits and reins and is extremely secure. The bridle itself is made from Sedgewick leather with traditional stitching, so the rivet system is unobtrusive.

    The bridle also features a “foldaway flash”, a simple noseband design that enables quick and easy conversion from flash to plain noseband, hiding from view the unsightly loop that usually remains on the front of the noseband.

    “This bridle has so much to offer riders — it makes life easier when it comes to changing bits,” says Leslie Sutcliffe, director of LS Sales (Farnam). “The innovative, ‘foldaway flash’ was thought of by riders, for riders.”

    The Smart-Lock bridle won the innovation award for the best new saddlery and tack product at the recent British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) International trade fair and is available in dressage, cross-noseband or snaffle designs.


    There are two price levels — the Sterling premium range in Sedgewick leather from £225 for a snaffle bridle to £265 for the double bridle.

    The Super Standard leather version is from £110 for the snaffle bridle to £125 for the double bridle.

    Tel: 01608 683855, www.lesliesutcliffe.biz

    This article was first published in Horse & Hound (12 August, ’10)

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