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Q: I understand dressage rider Laura Bechtolsheimer has a home-training aid she uses called the Kavalkade HO Lunging Aid.

Can you tell me any more about it and where I can get one?
KC, Glos

Brini Wittek, who rides for Laura Bechtolsheimer, told H&H the Kavalkade HO Lunging Aid, based on a simple set of reins, was recommended to Laura by German equine physiotherapist Dr Buchholz.

“It is made from a long loop of lightweight cord and reaches over the horse’s back, just behind the withers, between the front legs and up to either the bit rings or the lunge cavesson,” said Brini.

“When attached to the cavesson, it avoids any one-sided pulling on the bit rings.”

The gadget’s length is adjusted on a small leather pad that rests on the horse’s back; it is designed to help develop throughness and outline without tying the horse down.

“It is a great contraption for lungeing young horses, as they don’t like things like side-reins that are fixed to the mouth,” Laura added.

“We use it to help develop topline and sympathetically encourage a correct way of working.”


The Kavalkade HO Lunging Aid is available from Sydney Free Saddlers in Cirencester.

Price: £24.95

Tel: 01285 655384

This article was first published in Horse & Hound (2 September, ’10)

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