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    Q: I have heard about a new gateway catch that is said to be easier to manoeuvre than conventional “side-pull” handles.

    Do you know what it is and whether they are available to purchase? I am sick of having to get off my horse to open heavy gates around our farm.
    GM, North Yorkshire

    There is a new product called the Equine Catch from Gatecatch.

    According to the product’s inventor, Phil Evans, the Equine Catch consists of a lockable, two-way gate latch that opens the gate away from the user, irrespective of direction of approach.

    “When you’re through the gate, just fling it back for the catch to grab it safely,” said Phil.

    Phil was developing the product when he broke an arm and a leg, and his temporary disabilities gave him an insight into mobility problems.

    “The National Trust uses it for access to their gardens, to comply with the UK Disability Discrimination Act, and we have had interest from various sources, including land owners and local councils.”

    The product has proven popular with equestrian establishments — it has been fitted to gates at Knightsbridge Barracks in London, home to the Household Cavalry, and also at many commercial properties.

    Judy Hutchings runs the Anglesey Riding Centre in Dwyran, North Wales: “We were so delighted with the Equine Catch that we fitted them to all 23 gate on our riding school and farm.

    “They are so easy to use and are safe for even our most inexperienced riders,” she said.


    Price: £74.99

    Gatecatch, tel: 08452 607706 www.gatecatch.com

    This Q&A was first published in Horse & Hound (14 May, ’09)

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