Ask H&H: Eskadron overreach boots

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  • Q: Can you tell me where I can get a pair of leather overreach boots? I noticed a pair on Emily Llewellyn’s horse but can’t find them anywhere.
    BW, Wales

    The overreach boots Emily Llewellyn uses are made by Eskadron. They are actually made from a synthetic leather material lined with neoprene.

    Why are they different?

    Eskadron’s synthetic leather bell boots are said to be hard-wearing and tear-proof. They are lined with 5.5mm neoprene with a double Velcro fastening.

    They are available with two outer forms — one of which matches Eskadron’s Allround boots, and another that is available with or without sheepskin lining.

    Who uses the boots?

    Eventer Emily Llewellyn has been using Eskadron bell boots for a few seasons.

    “They are made from a soft, smooth material and we love them because they offer great protection, they never rub and they don’t get heavy when they get wet,” says Emily. “It’s like a wetsuit material.

    “Overreach boots I’d used before were either too short, too long or rubbed the horses. We went to a tack shop and out of all the boots, Eskadron felt the softest. They do ones with sheepskin lining but they were a bit heavier.”

    Emily tapes over all her horses’ bandages when competing at intermediate level and above but says you should never tape over overreach boot fastenings.

    “We did it once and almost had a horse fall when one trod on the boot and the Velcro couldn’t come undone — so we never tape overreach boots anymore,” says Emily. “But, touch wood, none of the horses have been injured since we started using these boots.”

    Where can I get a pair?

    They are available in black or white in sizes small to XXL.

    Price from £21.


    Belstane, tel: 01335 372600 www.belstane.com

    This article was first published in Horse & Hound (8 January, ’09)

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