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  • Q: There seems to have been a lot of evolution in stirrup design lately but I recently spotted some that seem to have a right-angled shape, rather like safety stirrups.

    Can you tell me how they work and where I can get a pair?
    DL, Dublin

    The stirrups you mention are the Evo 80°— recently introduced by Italian manufacturer Royal Rider, which specialises in the injection of moulded products into the medical, electronic, automotive and sporting industries.

    The stirrup bar is angled at 80° to ensure the leather hangs straight and offers better foot stability and lower leg position. They are said to be lightweight, strong and shock absorbing, made from tough DuPont Techno polymer.

    They are designed separately as a left and a right stirrup, with the outer edge manufactured specifically to offer an “easy out” design. The stirrups also feature cheese grater-style treads and a wide foot bed for optimum balance.

    Who uses them?

    Eventer Clayton Fredericks has been impressed with the Evo 80° stirrups since he started riding in them recently.

    “They offer very good grip, position the feet correctly and the wide surface area helps encourage a steady balance,” he said. “They are a vital piece of kit for jumping.”

    Fellow eventer Georgie Davies has also started using the stirrups.


    The stirrups cost £79.99.

    Tel: 01825 841303



    This article was first published in Horse & Hound (22 January, ’09)

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