Peter Charles: debate about our sport’s future can only be good *H&H Plus*


  • Following on from Nick Skelton’s controversial column suggesting a significiant increase in membership costs to raise funds that could then be reinvested back into show facilities in Britain, fellow Olympian Peter Charles shares his thoughts...

    As Nick Skelton outlined in his comment in H&H last week, this lockdown situation does present a great opportunity to reflect on how the sport has developed into what it is today. Whether you agree with his comments or not, the debate it has generated can only be good for the future of the sport.

    What British showjumping has is one of the best export economies in Europe. On most tours, British riders outnumber the host nation. We take multiple lorries, horses and grooms and spend a lot of money, year in and year out. That money is leaving the country and this is a chance to look at how and why that has come about.

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