Graham Fletcher: ‘The first few months are going to be a pain’ *H&H Plus*


  • Graham Fletcher questions inconsistencies in Covid rules, and looks to Brexit

    I struggle to understand why anyone would hesitate to have the Covid-19 vaccine. I’m the world’s worst queuer, but would join a very long line if it meant being vaccinated and getting back to normal a bit sooner. For one thing, inconsistencies surrounding coronavirus rules make me scratch my head.

    When we were competing in Vilamoura, Portugal this winter, they checked everyone’s temperature as you entered the showground. It took a few seconds per person. In the six weeks I was there, I never heard of anybody becoming ill.

    Yet on the homeward journey, I found myself on a packed aeroplane and no temperatures taken before or after the flight. Even in normal times, a plane is an ideal environment for infecting other passengers.

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