New dossier aims to put £335m Scottish horse economy to Government *H&H Plus*

  • Horsescotland hopes to increase participation and heighten awareness at Government level of what the equestrian community offers — and Scottish riders have to be on board. H&H finds out more

    A NEW manifesto aims to put Scotland’s £335m equestrian economy on the Scottish Government’s radar, while increasing inclusivity and modernising regulation.

    Last month Horsescotland released its 2021 document providing data on Scotland’s equestrian sector and the organisation’s plans for the next four years. It includes figures from the 2019 British Equestrian Trade Association Scotland-specific survey, funded by Horsescotland with support from British Horse Society (BHS) Scotland, which shows the Scottish equestrian economy is estimated to be worth £335m; Scottish racing contributes an additional £306m.

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