Horsebox drivers must follow rules or risk losing everything *H&H Plus*

  • Confusion abounds about who needs a operator’s licence when moving horses by lorry, and what additional paperwork is required for those working as a business. H&H speaks to experts to help unravel this complex issue...

    Horsebox drivers must ensure they have operators’ licences if needed and comply with all requirements, or risk facing the legal consequences.

    Owen Evans, director of Essex Driver Training, told H&H many equestrians either do not have the correct licences, or have them but do not fulfil the requirements.

    “When you’re in a lorry, you’re not a rider any more, you’re the same as Mr Tesco; it’s the law,” he said. “If your equestrian activity is operated through a business, whether or not the horsebox is owned privately, you will need an operator’s licence.”

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