Timely warning of beach dangers for horses and riders *H&H Plus*

As lockdown restrictions lift and people start to get out and about more, riders who intend to enjoy a day at the beach with their horses are being encouraged to plan ahead. H&H explains the potential dangers and how riders can keep themselves and their horses safe...

A timely reminder for riders to plan ahead and be aware of what to do if things go wrong when visiting the beach has been given as the summer holidays get underway.

H&H has reported on several recent incidents involving horses, and some seaside councils have called on riders to ensure they stick to the rules.

Rebecca Eccles, who did all the correct checks and complied with the rules on a day at Cleethorpes beach this month, urged riders to be aware of the risks after her daughter Evie’s pony sank to her middle in soft mud at the water’s edge.

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