The childhood dream: how to make the most of your days with ponies *H&H Plus*

  • Whether you’re new to ponies or are a hotshot budding event rider, a childhood spent mucking out and mucking in with ponies is one to cherish. Tessa Waugh finds out how to make the most of these years

    WE are all aware of the dream; Cupid-faced children on mischievous fluffballs laughing riotously as they take on the world. A pony-filled childhood ticks so many boxes in our fast and modern world; getting children outside and away from screens, challenging them through ups and downs, teaching them to care for animals and put something first before themselves.

    While the dream is endlessly appealing, the reality can be challenging for even the most knowledgeable people, and the financial and time demands are considerable. How can you ensure that your offspring get the best out of a childhood with ponies?

    Tracy Duffy never predicted the journey she would go on with her daughter, Merci, when Merci started learning to ride.

    This feature is also available to read in Horse & Hound magazine, on sale Thursday 3 June 2021

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