Point-to-point trainer Francesca Nimmo’s life lessons *H&H Plus*

The point-to-point trainer on her daily routine, the importance of manners and being influenced by her father’s meticulous ways

Francesca and her husband Charlie Poste train point-to-pointers and run a breaking-in and pre-training yard. They have produced a number of young racehorses who have gone on to win under Rules and have trained 76 winners between the flags to date.

When it comes to training point-to-pointers, breaking in and pre-training the young horses, our philosophy is about keeping it simple.

Charlie, my husband, and I both believe that routine is important for horses, especially for the youngsters. We stick to the same daily schedule, which usually involves a trot and hack canter on the “old railway” to warm up, followed by canter work up our four-furlong sand gallop.

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