Louise Saywell: the national showjumping champion whose horse life is ‘eat, sleep, repeat’ *H&H Plus*

  • The new national showjumping champion tells Sarah Radford about her “eat, sleep, repeat” routine and how she maintains her relentless focus despite the pandemic’s disruptions

    Despite nearly three decades in the saddle, showjumper Louise Saywell had never broken a bone until a few weeks ago. The bandage she is wearing on her left hand marks not only her first “serious” injury – albeit a small one – but also the first enforced break from riding she’s had in a career that’s kept her busy since the age of eight.

    “I didn’t even fall off!” she informs me over FaceTime. “I was on a five-year-old and it spun round and my hand went into its neck. Normally I would stay on but I had to get off because of the pain.

    “When I think of some of the falls I’ve had where I’ve thought I must have done something, but nothing has happened… and then I broke my hand like that.”


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