H&H interview: Edward Gal — ‘riding to Totilas’ music again gave me goosebumps’ *H&H Plus*

  • “He’s like a clone of his father; the same white feet, the same head, and even his expression. He’s so like Totilas it’s almost scary” — a look-alike Totilas son could contend next year’s Olympics with his sire’s former rider. Alice Collins asks Edward Gal about Glock’s Toto Jr and his other top horses

    Not much of note happened in the competitive sphere in summer 2020. But one black horse with a striking similarity to his famous father made a quiet debut at grand prix level at a national show in the Netherlands in July. The Dutch darling, Olympic dressage rider Edward Gal, showed the enthusiastic (though minimal, thanks to Covid-19) spectators that he has a new star in his stables, nine-year-old Glock’s Toto Jr. The black stallion has an uncanny resemblance to his father, Edward’s former superstar Totilas.

    Edward was so keen for a low-key outing for his latest superstar that they didn’t even feature on the start lists. But there was nothing low key about the 79.43% score, and the video of their test quickly circulated online.

    To put that in context, Charlotte Dujardin and the rising nine-year-old Valegro made their grand prix debut in January 2011 at Addington and scored 74.62%.

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