Your chance to star in Horse & Hound

  • Have you ever dreamed of appearing in Horse & Hound? Now is your chance — and there’s an opportunity to win a free subscription to H&H. Our 20 December issue is to be all about YOU!

    Firstly, we would like you, our readers, to nominate which horse of the year should be our cover star (click here to vote).

    But inside the magazine we want to celebrate YOUR OWN remarkable 2012; your successes, the obstacles you’ve overcome; the mud you’ve scrubbed off; the memories you’ll cherish or hope to forget. All you have to do is tell us your story in one or more of the following categories

    • Personal firsts: have you achieved something for the first time in 2012? Perhaps breeding a foal, moving up a level, becoming a judge, scoring your best ever win? Share it with us!
    • Beating the odds: have you as a rider, or your horse, come back from illness or injury in 2012? How did you do it and what have you learnt from the experience?
    • New horse diary: did you acquire a new horse in 2012? We are looking for short month-by-month diary of the highs and lows you experienced
    • Angels on horseback: is there someone you’d like to recognize for having saved your equestrian year, month or day and without whom you’d have had far less fun? A trainer, friend, inspiration, general miracle worker…?
    • Your best picture of the year: tell us why it’s special — and who took it
    • Your best and worst equestrian purchase of the year: not horses, but clobber. What have you found that’s been brilliant — or languishing in a cupboard?
    • And finally… tell us which three equestrian events you are most looking forward to in 2013 – and why. A show, lecture demo, Pony club event local to you? Or can’t you wait to get back to Badminton, Hickstead or elsewhere?

    Please submit your photos and/or accounts in one or more of the above categories to Pippa Roome at hhreaderissue@ipcmedia.com.

    As a thank you, two successful contributors will each receive a year’s free subscription to Horse & Hound magazine.

    Important information

    • Submissions should not exceed 500 words, and may be edited for clarity and space.
    • Please include a contact telephone number, and details of who took any photographs.
    • Please attach photos to the email individually, do not embed them in a word document or the email.
    • Deadline for submissions is 5pm on Monday, 26 November, 2012

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