‘Worst neglect case’ finds new home

  • A young cob that was just skin and bone when he was rescued in January 2011 has found a new home.

    Buddy weighed 108kg, a third of his ideal body weight, had severe diarrhoea and was full of redworm when rescued by Bristol-based charity HorseWorld.

    Buddy on arrival at HW (2)

    “He looked ready to die and was so weak that his head had to be supported,” said groom Kayleigh Macleod

    “It took a drip and six blood transfusions to give Buddy the strength to support his own weight,” she added.

    For the first two weeks of his care Buddy had to be lifted to his feet every two hours day and night.

    “If he laid down, he was unable to get himself back up again and became distressed that he couldn’t get to his food,” said Kayleigh

    “In his efforts to get up, he would rub sores on his shoulders, hips and head when his bones protruded through his fragile skin.”

    Buddy on arrival at HW

    Staff at HorseWorld gave Buddy a deep bed with huge banks of straw for him to push against while they were lifting him. His medical care cost £2,600 in the first three weeks alone.

    “This is one of the worst cases of neglect HorseWorld has seen in a long time, the fact that Buddy kept fighting was enough inspiration for us to fight just as hard to save his young life,” said manager Jerry Watkins.

    Four years later the cob, fully recovered, (pictured top and below) has found a new home as a riding pony with loaner Harriet Champion.

    “I’m so excited to give Buddy a new home. He will be being ridden by my two nephews and niece where they can all grow up together and learn as a team,” she said.

    Buddy & Beaufort

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