World’s tallest horse and donkey named by Guinness World Records

  • Standing at 20 hands 2 ¾ inches or 210.2 cm, Big Jake, an 11-year-old Belgian gelding, is officially the world’s tallest horse.

    His owner, Jerry Gilbert, says Big Jake weighed 240lbs when he was born and now tips the scales at a mighty 2600lbs. Jerry, who lives in Ostego, USA, explains: “Jake’s got a great personality, he’s really friendly and loves to play around. He’s kind of a big jokester actually.”

    Big Jake’s got a big appetite too. He eats a bale and a half of hay a day, while his stable measures a massive 20x20ft.

    Jerry adds: “We are proud to hold the record and enjoy the people who visit the farm. We enjoy the reactions and when people leave our farm happy from the experience of seeing Jake.”

    Big Jake’s not the only new equine addition to the Guinness Book of World Records. Oklahoma Sam has been crowned as the world’s tallest donkey. She measures in at an impressive 15.3 hands.

    The four-year-old record-breaker lives in Watsonville, California, with a duck, goose and four cats. Her owner, Linda Davis, said: “It’s fantastic to get the record. People are always shocked by her size and say it must be a record. Now I can show them the book!”

    However, it seems there could be a dispute over this title, following H&H’s recent news story that a 16.2hh donkey had been given a home by the Radcliffe Donkey Sanctuary in Lincolnshire.

    For more information go to guinnessworldrecords.com

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