World’s oldest pony has died aged 56

  • Sugar Puff, a 10hh Shetland-Exmoor gelding was put down at home in West Sussex on 25 May following “complicated problems” with his health.

    Owner Sally Botting told H&H: “His organs packed up. He had been fine in the morning but then just collapsed. The vet said no more could be done.”

    Ms Botting said she was awaiting a post-mortem report.

    The mealy-muzzled pony had made it into the Guinness Book Of Records as the world’s oldest living pony. Ms Botting paid tribute to his friendly character.

    “He was a safe, reliable pony – we used to teach children to ride on him at school fetes. He was also an old hand at gymkhana and Pony Club,” she said. “He was a fun pony – he used to come into the house at Christmas.”

    Ms Botting has owned Sugar Puff since he was 29. Her daughter, Claire, then learned to ride on him.

    “He was dark brown but had been going pretty grey in the face,” said Ms Botting. “I thought he was going to outlive me!”

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