Are these the world’s loneliest ponies?

  • World Horse Welfare is highlighting the plight of its eight loneliest ponies during this year’s Rehome a Horse Month, which runs until until 31 May.

    A 14hh Welsh pony who has been looking for a new home since August 2014 is one of the longest-standing residents at the charity’s four UK rescue and rehoming centres.

    The nine-year-old pony called Laura came to World Horse Welfare’s Aberdeenshire rescue and rehoming centre with untreated severe sweet itch.

    She is too nervous to be ridden so is looking for a home as a companion.

    Marble, a 12.3hh piebald two-year-old gelding (pictured, below) is also looking for a home as a companion but could be broken in to ride or drive when old enough.

    Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 12.13.17

    He came into the charity’s Glenda Spooner Farm in Somerset with a group of five other abandoned horses. All were suffering badly from worm burdens, malnutrition and lice, and some had strangles.

    Salter (Pictured, top) is another “kind pony” who needs a new home to help him continue his education.

    The five-year old kept at the Somerset farm cannot be ridden, said the charity, but would make a good companion and has shown an aptitude for horse agility.

    Others on the “loneliest pony” list are Ariel, a 13.1hh mare looking for a hacking home, Scalding Darren, a Welsh four-year-old with potential to make a ridden pony and Minty, a 13hh two-year-old looking for a companion home.

    Leonard was born at World Horse Welfare after his mother Bounty came in, having been found living in deep mud with only barrels of mouldy bread to eat.

    Described as “a sweet, playful pony”, he is looking for a competent handler “to apply consistent boundaries, maintain his good manners and further his education.”

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    The last on the list is Nala, a six-year-old who needs a rehomer “who can manage her playful personality.”

    “Many of our lonely ponies are youngsters who are looking for homes where they can continue their education,” said World Horse Welfare’s Tony Tyler.

    Rehome a Horse Month 2016, supported by Dodson & Horrell, celebrates the stories of the 1,700 World Horse Welfare horse and ponies now out competing in all disciplines.

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