Grand prix dressage stallion’s retirement hangs in the balance after field injury

  • Hannah Biggs’ grand prix dressage stallion Weltzin has retired from top-level competition.

    The 17-year-old “superstar stallion” gave Hannah her first taste of international success and has been a frequent sight at competitions across the UK and Europe since 2011.

    She bought Weltzin, a Weltbogen x Wether chestnut Hanoverian, as a four-year-old and trained the licensed stallion up to grand prix level herself, with the help of her trainer Emile Faurie.

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    I’ve had the most amazing time dancing with my best friend and I want to thank him for all he’s taught me,” said Hannah.

    Weltzin has been a faithful friend who took me on so many great adventures, not least of which was the opportunity to join the World class podium potential squad.”

    The combination’s successes include winning the grand prix special in Saumur in 2014 and coming second in the grand prix special in Hamburg in 2013.

    They have competed on Nations Cups teams in Rotterdam, Aachen and Hagen, as well as at World Cup shows at Olympia and Amsterdam.

    Hannah had originally decided to loan him to a young rider on his retirement, but unfortunately he has sustained an injury in the field.

    “Weltzin is a much loved horse — one in a million — who gave me his heart, but sadly at this point in time it is still not clear whether he will make a full recovery and be able to enjoy a proper retirement,” said Hannah.

    “He is a fighter and we are doing everything we can for him. Naturally, my absolute priority is to stand by the horse who gave me his all and to make the correct choices to ensure his continued happiness and comfort.

    “I want to take this opportunity to thank his breeders and everyone who helped us on our journey.”

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