‘Dirtiest horse in the British army’ dies aged 30

  • Sevvy[2]A former Household Cavalry horse with an “outstanding army career” has died aged 30.

    Sevastopol, known as “Sevvy”, was a Blues and Royals Trumpet Horse who served the army for 14 years.

    Sevvy was put down last month (8 December) after enjoying a five-year retirement with the Horse Trust in Buckinghamshire.

    “He had an outstanding army career, not only on parade but also as a competition horse with rider David Boyd,” said a spokesman for the Horse Trust.

    “We have so many happy memories, including a star turn at Olympia in 2011 [where Sevvy represented The Horse Trust as a trumpeter’s horse].”

    The grey gelding loved to roll and earned himself the reputation of the “dirtiest horse in the British army”.

    After retiring from the Household Cavalry he was sent to a private owner, John Hopkins, who was “devoted” to the 16hh horse.

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    “When John died, Sevvy and two thirds of his entire state came to us at the Horse Trust,” said the spokesman.

    “This amazing legacy not only covered Sevvy’s care, but also paid for our new stables, sand school, walker, isolation unit, special care and vet clinic.”

    Sevvy was in good health throughout his retirement, but suddenly became very ill.

    “Knowing he had many internal melanomas, it was likely one had begun to press on an internal organ and so we said farewell to our gorgeous grubster,” added the spokesman.


    The Horse Trust

    Equine charity the Horse Trust was founded in 1866 and provides respite and retirement for working horses and ponies.

    The organisation also provides care for horses, ponies and donkeys who have suffered from cruelty or neglect.

    For more information visit: www.horsetrust.org.uk

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