Welsh council takes horse owners to court for cruelty

  • Two women were found guilty of failing to provide adequate care for their horses, in cases brought by Powys County Council last month.

    Following a trial on 21–22 December in the Brecon Law Courts, Christina Lord, from Newchurch, Powys, was found guilty of four offences under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

    She was convicted of failing to meet the needs of eight horses in her possession and, in one case, for failing to have a horse passport. She will be sentenced on 14 January.

    In a separate case, Penny Hughes, from Llangyndir, near Crickhowell, was pleaded guilty to failing to provide adequate care and diet for her horse and donkey, as well as four charges of failing to apply for horse passports.

    Miss Hughes was sentenced to 100 hours community service and ordered to pay £500 prosecution costs by Brecon Law Courts on 17 December.

    “Criminal proceedings are the last resort,” said Clive Jones, Powys County Council’s principal trading standards officer, “but we will not stand by and see animals suffering due to matters such as poor diet or poor environment. Where necessary we will take strong and effective enforcement action through the courts.”

    Both sets of horses were taken to a Redwings Horse Sanctuary centre.

    “Although we now have extra mouths to feed, we try to ensure our doors are always open in extreme cases like this,” said Lynn Cutress, chief executive of the charity.

    “Our staff are delighted with how well the animals have recovered.”

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