Welcoming the Year of the Horse

  • Were you born in the Year of the Horse? If so, you could be in for an exciting year

    Today (12 February) sees the start of celebrations for the Year of the Horse, the zodiac sign for 2002 in the Chinese calendar.

    However, once the celebrations are over, experts are predicting that the year may be a bumpy ride.

    According to Chinese astrologers, “Horse” years have been described as being “historical turning points, turbulent, untamed and chaotic”.

    Nathaniel, the Chinese astrologer for Horoscope Magazine, says: “There’s a sense of freedom about the Year of the Horse.

    “Those born under the sign are like a spirited filly – hard to break.”

    Women born under the sign, he says, tend “to be feisty – they make marvellous lovers, but not good wives.”

    According to Nathaniel those born under the influence of the Horse ” always has pace”.”Any developments on the world stage happen fast, accompanied by armed conflicts, surprising alliances and often a resurgence of patriotic spirits.”

    On a social level Nathaniel says it’s the right time to “get out and enjoy yourself more – and, be more romantic”.

    It also a time to be more bold inthe way you dress with a lot of colour. For those willing to gamble, it’s a good year for business, although not a time for the fainthearted.

    If you were born in the Year of the Horse (1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990) then experts saythat this year you should “make things happen, take swift action, follow your intuition and instincts but take precautions with health and travel” .

    The advice is don’t overdo it.

    Nathaniel warns there could be some emotional tension, so be diplomatic in your personal life.

    “All horse people like freedom, countryside sports and particularly adventure, ” he says.

    Some famous Year of the Horse people include: Sean Connery, Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, Chopin, Isaac Newton and Mike Tyson.

    This year is specifically the Year of the Water Horse, which last happened in 1942 – those born under the sign are said to be:

    • dedicated
    • loyal
    • hard-working
    • able to withstand trouble
    • have a good sense of humour
    • like to dress well
    • sometimes show a lack of compassion
    • are very shrewd in business

    New Zealand pays tribute

  • The New Zealand Post is paying its tribute to the horse for the new Chinese New Year with a six-stamp issue featuring six superstars of New Zealand racing and a silver coin.


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