The week that was: seven days in the horse world

  • ‘Spoilt’ showjumpers: top trainer speaks out about money and angry riders

    Library image: showjumper

    There is a worldwide problem with modern showjumpers wanting results too quickly with minimal effort, according to a top trainer.

    Dutch Olympic showjumper Albert Voorn told H&H that he “has to speak out” about the situation, despite a lack of recognition of the problem within the sport. Why do they ride?’

    Is bitless best? Study reveals horses’ tolerance of different bridles

    Horses have been found to tolerate similar levels of rein tension whether they are wearing a bitless or a traditional bridle, according to a recent study.

    The research investigated how horses perceive the pressure exerted by various bitless bridles compared to a regular snaffle bit.” Read about the findings.

    Mary King pays tribute to her ‘selfless and inspirational’ mother

    gillian thomson

    Mary King has paid tribute to her mother Gillian Thomson who died suddenly on Monday (8 January).

    Jill was a well-known and much-loved face at events, helping and supporting her daughter and her granddaughter, eventer Emily King. ‘She was an angel’.

    Riders feel like ‘poor relations’ on roads, report finds

    Riders feel they are not treated with the same respect as drivers, a new study has shown.

    An independent watchdog representing users of England’s motorways and major A roads including cyclists, pedestrians and equestrians, has been researching how these groups’ needs could be better met with new road designs. Read more.

    ‘Always in my heart’: top showjumper pays tribute to star horse

    Top showjumper and World Cup contender Forlap has died aged 13.

    The gelding, owned by Belgian Gregory Wathelet, was put down after complications following surgery on his fetlock. ‘He fought like never before’.

    Groom needs surgery after lead rein clip gets embedded in her hand

    A groom who ended up with a lead rope clip springing shut through her hand had taken her gloves off moments before the accident.

    Freelancer Gail Marsh was leading up a runner at Larkhill racecourse, Sailsbury. ‘I thought, that’s not ideal’.

    Warning to owners after foal found with nose torn apart

    The owner of a foal found with a section of her nose torn away is warning others of the risks of clips in stables.

    Southampton-based Claire discovered her six-month-old filly with a bloody wound. Raising awareness.

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