Watch out on Guy Fawkes night

  • The British Horse Society is asking that people holding firework parties show consideration for their neighbours, particularly if there are going to be very loud explosions.

    In a recent incident, two horses died and another was seriously injured as a result of a private fireworks party.

    The horses in question were out in a field adjacent to where display was being held. The fireworks could be heard half a mile away and the horses panicked.

    Two of them collapsed and died due to stress and exhaustion; the third ran into a telegraph pole and suffered horrendous injuries.

    The owner lived some distance away, and by the time she had been told what was going on and had reached the field, it was too late to save them.

    Anyone holding a firework display should make sure that horse owners in the area are aware of the impending event so that they can bring their horses in. All horse-owners should ensure that their horses are brought in or moved if there is to be a fireworks displaynearby.

    Sheila Hardy, BHS head of safety, said: “Anyone holding a firework display has a duty of care to the public, and this should include their animals.

    “Firework displays should take place well away from livestock, particularly horses. Many horses are highly strung and will be terrified by the noise that fireworks made, and by the explosions of light.

    “There is also a real danger that if frightened they will escape from their field and perhaps cause an accident on the roads. Anyone holding a firework party should also check their insurance. A claim for damages could prove very costly.”

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