Warrior: The Amazing Story of a Real War Horse

  • With War Horse the movie set to hit the big screen next January and the stage play a huge success – a book has now been released, celebrating a real War Horse.

    “Warrior: The Amazing Story of a Real War Horse” went on sale yesterday (Monday 17 October). And tonight (Tuesday 18 October) H&H columnist Brough Scott is on the One Show talking about the book.

    Warrior was a 33-year-old war horse who served in the first World War. He was owned by Winston Churchill’s friend General Jack Seely and headed to France in August 1914.

    “My Horse Warrior” was first published in 1934 but has long been out of print. This new edition is introduced by Jack Seely’s grandson – Brough Scott.

    “How Warrior braved every sort of drama is a truly astonishing story,” said Brough. “Grandpa is supposed to have recommended him for the VC with the simple, if not modest, citation: ‘He went everywhere I went’. Read this and you might believe that he, Warrior that is, would have deserved it.”

    The book also contains paintings of Jack and Warrior a mile from the front line, done by Sir Alfred Munnings in 1918.

    “His escapes were quite wonderful. Again and again he survived when death seemed certain and indeed, befell all his neighbours. It was not all hazard; sometimes it was due to his intelligence. I have seen him, even when a shell has burst within a few feet, stand still without a tremor – just turn his head and, unconcerned, look at the smoke of the burst,” wrote General Jack Seely.

    Warrior: The Amazing Story of a Real War Horse costs £14.99.

    To see Brough talk about the book watch the One Show BBC1 7pm.

    For more information visit:www.warriorwarhorse.com

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