Two of Lancashire police force’s horses retire after a total of 31 years

  • Two of Lancashire police force’s most loyal servants are retiring after 31 years of service between them.

    Hadrian and Lancer (pictured right), who are both Irish Draught x Thoroughbred, have been with Lancashire police since the early 1990s.

    The elder of the pair, Hadrian, was born in 1987 and joined the police force in 1991.

    During Hadrian’s 17-year career at Lancashire he has represented them in the display and showing team, as well as normal police duties.

    Lancer was born in 1991 to a former police horse, Duchess, who also served Lancashire. He started in 1994 and since then he has attended football matches throughout the country.

    Lancashire Constabulary’s mounted support manager Jeanette Taylor said: “Both Hadrian and Lancer have been an integral part of the mounted branch for many years and have played a key role in mounted patrols.

    “They’ve been excellent horses for us and that shows in their length of service. Although their time with force is now at an end we will be making sure that their new homes are suitable and that they can settle down to retired life.”

    Lancer left the force on the 23 May and Hadrian will be leaving at the end of June.

    The pair will be re-homed through the World Horse Welfare and will be visited regularly.

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