Two miniature donkeys killed by grizzly bears in Canada

  • Two miniature donkeys have been killed in Canada by grizzly bears.

    Owner Deborarah Killam found four-year-old donkey Sadie mauled to death on her ranch in Sundre, Alberta, on Friday (14 August).

    The next day the grizzly responsible was trapped and relocated further north by wildlife officials.

    But on Sunday (16 August) a second donkey, a rare white donkey called Mystique, was also found dead.

    “I have not stopped crying, I don’t have any tears left,” Ms Killam told local press. “I don’t know how to describe it. My donkeys are like my children.”

    A second bear was captured yesterday (Monday 17 August) and removed from the area.

    And Ms Killam, who owns a herd of 22 donkeys at Black Mountain Miniature Ranch, is worried it will happen again, after a spate of grizzly attacks on animals — and humans — over the last year.

    “It might be closure for me. I wanted to see the animal responsible for taking my animals,” she said.

    “But what’s stopping other bears from coming down? How do I know there’s not another bear out there?”

    The donkeys are worth about $25,000 each, but as they are pets and not meat animals she will not receive compensation.

    If a bear is shot, the person faces fines of up to $100,000 and five years in prison.

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