Two horses rescued after stable collapses

  • Two Lancashire horses had a lucky escape after a quick-thinking builder saved them from a collapsing stable.

    Amy Ward, a 24 year-old assistant manager at an outdoor clothing and accessory shop in Preston, was at work last Thursday (16 September) when her father rang to say that her stable in Longton was collapsing.

    Trapped in the stable were Oliver, Amy’s 10 year-old gelding, and Sully, a 16 year-old gelding belonging to 26 year-old student Lindsay Baron.

    “I was stuck at work and unable to get there,” said Amy.

    “But Lindsay went along and called her friend Chris Gelder, who’s a builder. He borrowed a JCB from the neighbouring farm and used it to prop up the wall and prevent the building collapsing any more.”

    The pair also called the fire brigade, who stabilised the building, removed the door from its hinges and led the horses out.

    “The firemen said if it hadn’t been for Chris’ actions, the whole lot would have come down,” said Amy.

    Oliver and Sully will live out while the stables are repaired.

    According to Amy, analysis of the damaged stable showed the cause of the collapse to be: “Sully rubbing his bum against the wall.”

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