TV’s Lorraine Kelly injured while learning to jump

  • Lorraine Kelly needed an operation after falling off a horse – at her first attempt jumping a fence.

    The accident happened yesterday (21 February) at Chessington equestrian centre in Surrey, where the 52 year old TV presenter was learning to ride as part of a charity challenge.

    Ms Kelly tweeted: “I fell off the horse while attempting a jump for the first time.
    “Unfortunately the horse stamped on my thigh. As a result – deep wound and lots of blood. Was treated by paramedics in ambulance – then given an op under general anaesthetic at hospital.”

    She had been planning to complete a modern pentathlon with Sarah Brown (wife of former prime minister, Gordon), in aid of Mrs Brown’s charity PiggyBankKids.

    Ms Kelly said she would stay in St George’s hospital, Tooting, south London, for a couple of days and the wound would take around four weeks to heal.

    “[I’m] a bit bruised and battered but fine,” she tweeted.

    “Just sad I can’t complete today’s charity challenge.”

    She was replaced by Helen Fospero on her ITV show today.

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