Trailblazers launch a combined training series for amateur riders

  • Amateur riders will have the chance to compete nationally in a combined training championship following the introduction of a fourth national series by Trailblazers.

    The first round of qualifiers for the Trailblazers combined training will be held in May 2010, with competitions taking place throughout the summer and winter, culminating in a championship final in the spring of 2011.

    Trailblazers already runs national series in show jumping, dressage and showing, and with no annual subscriptions or registration fees, and organisers believe the combined training will be highly popular.

    “This has been introduced to offer grass root riders more opportunities”, said Jennifer Dalton, speaking on behalf of Trailblazers.

    “We want to make these sorts of competitions accessible and available to more riders.”

    The competition has been specifically designed to be rider-friendly. Each show, held at one of Trailblazers 60 approved centres, will feature a variety of five classes that range from a preliminary dressage test with a show jumping of 70cm, to an elementary dressage test with a show jumping of 90cm.

    Riders, who will be judged on an accumulated score from their dressage and show jumping, will be able to enter several classes and progress up the levels as they grow in confidence. The competition will also be divided into juniors, for riders aged under 16, and seniors.

    “We expect combined training to appeal to a broad range of competitors from across all disciplines,” explained Norman Bargh, chairman of Trailblazers. “The format will enable riders and their horses and ponies to have a really good day out at each show.”

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