TopSpec launches Cool Balancer for “condition but no fizz”

  • A new feed for horses and ponies that need “extra condition but no fizz” has been launched by TopSpec.

    New TopSpec “Cool Balancer” is designed for horses in light to medium work.

    “It provides a very palatable, safe and effective way to improve condition and topline without adding excess calories to the diet,” said a spokesman for TopSpec.

    Cool Balancer is a non-heating, cereal grain-free formula – with low levels of starch and sugar, plus protein.

    It stimulates weight gain but avoids exciting horses and includes ingredients that TopSpec says may reduce anxiety and help horses relax.

    A 15kg bag costs £22.50, which will last a horse around 30 days or a pony 60 days.

    For more information visit: www.topspec.com

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