Top SJ rider says NO to live exports

  • International show jumper Tim Stockdale (pictured) is the latest in a growing number of top equestrian names to pledge his support for the ILPH’s campaign against the live export of horses for slaughter.

    In addition to the ILPH’s current online petition, which can be accessed by clicking here, the charity will launch a hardcopy petition at the British Equine Event (1-2 November) to enable even more people to register their support for its “Say NO to Live Exports” campaign.

    Tim will sign the first hardcopy petition at the ILPH’s stand at Stoneleigh on Saturday 1 November. All the petitions will be collated and presented to the European Parliament.

    The ILPH’s Lynda Freebury says: “We are hoping to gain as many signatures as possible during the next few months and are delighted to have the support of such high profile individuals as Tim Stockdale.

    “The current campaign is focused on gaining recognition of Britain’s minimum value regulations at European level, thereby preventing the export of live horses for slaughter from the UK.

    “Ultimately, the ILPH’s aim is to ensure all horses which are killed for human consumption are slaughtered humanely in their country of origin, removing once and for all the inhumane journeys across Europe which thousands of horses suffer every year.”

    Tim backs the ILPH’s plans, saying: “Every horse and pony should be put down in its own country. It’s wrong that any of them, whether in mainland Europe or the UK, should have to travel to a foreign abattoir hundreds or thousands of miles away.”

    Individuals can show their support by signing the online petition at www.ilph.org or visiting the ILPH stand at the British Equine Event, or requesting a campaign pack, which also includes a copy of a letter to send to Secretary of State Margaret Beckett, after 3 November (tel: 0870 906 1927).

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